About Repro Service POL

Our sister company in Poland.

Our sister company Repro Service POL was founded in Kamien Pomorski, Poland in 1989 as a dedicated “welding shop”, focusing on manual processes.
Over the more than 25 years since, we have gradually refined the production facility to comprise two Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 laser 6000s, a number of CNC bending machines, as well as advanced welding equipment, which produces advanced enclosures and cabinets for electronic and electrical applications and sheet metal components for various industrial customers.

Our offering covers:

Thin sheet metal – laser cutting, bending, welding, assembly and painting
Assembly – as well as testing/trials and packing
Painting – wet and powder painting

The powder painting shop enables us to supply completely finished articles in addition to being able to take care of most of the various surface treatments.